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  1. Any chance I can get this product by Wednesday?

    The rubber stamp of Jesus that I just ordered

    1. Hi William,

      Thank you for your order!
      According to the Post Office it should be there in two days.
      Your tracking number is; 9405 5036 9930 0455 9757 78

  2. You do beautiful work!

    I am trying to pay for my order with PayPal, but it is not working (additional shipping charges being added). Can you help?

    Thank you.

  3. Hello Teresa, can you please let me know where to make the check out to? Thank you
    Rachel Townsend

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Make the check out to ‘Teresa Satola, Ltd.

      Send it to: Teresa Satola, Ltd.
      239 Old Orchard Square
      Unit 404
      East Ellijay, GA. 30539

      1. Thank you, I will get it out this week. God Bless

      2. Hello Teresa. I got an email saying my order was complete and that i paid by paypal, but I sent a check, did you receive the check?

        1. Hi Rachel, Your check was received today, and your order will go out tomorrow. That’s just the notification that your order is complete.

  4. Wonderful! Thank you and God Bless ?

  5. Thank you Teresa, these Blessed Mother stamps are beautiful!

    1. Hello Teresa, I was wondering if you had recieved my check in the mail yet? Thanks.. Rachel

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