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An Education in Artistry

Teresa Satola is a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Production Design.  She also studied at the Schuler School of Art in Baltimore, MD.  It is said, “you cannot give away what you do not yourself possess.”

For 17 years, Teresa was proud to be the Artist in Residence and to teach classes at the historic Wagnalls Memorial, in Lithopolis, OH where she taught classes in the Old Master’s technique of oil painting,  acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil and pastel.

Now residing in Ellijay, GA with her husband, she continues to work in her studio on her artwork and teach iconography.

If you are interested in starting or working on your art, the supply lists below can get you started.

Icon Class at Our Lady of the Mountains for 2019

Our Lady of the Mountains started new icon classes on Tuesday, February 4 at 4:00 p.m. in the barn. There will be 10 classes.  The class was due to end April 14th which makes that 11 weeks.  ( I was away one week.) The cost is $200.00 for either beginning or advanced class.  Advanced Student will work on an icon of their choice.  After the class is over, Fr. Byrd will bless the icons at Mass.  *This present class has been postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We still have 5 classes to go and will continue when we get the green light.*

A modern approach to icons:  I want to make my icon class more accessible to average people wanting to paint icons.  I know if those ancient artists had our modern tools, they would certainly make use of them in creating their icons.

This class uses more modern techniques to painting icons with the same results.  We don’t use egg tempera.  (But we do use the traditional icon boards, if the students want.)  Instead we use water based oil paints.  This insures that the students don’t have to worry about hard to find mediums since those paints are water soluble.

3 student icons

These three icons were done by students in the icon class.  The first two icons of “Our Lady of Częstochowa” and “Christ the Teacher” were done by student Karen Webster.  The third icon of “Our Lady of the Cosmos” was done by student Selah Seibel.

Teresa’s icon class was a joy. Teresa is extremely talented and also a patient and dedicated instructor. Her step-by-step process and encouragement helped each of us through the project. I am so glad to have been able to participate. I plan on taking the advanced class as well. I encourage others to take advantage of this inspirational opportunity.
— Karen S. Webster, parishioner, Our Lady of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church

Any questions  call Teresa at  614-203-4451 or email

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*Icon Class and Supply List

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