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The Great King, Humbled

Our great God comes to us again this Christmas, humbled, as a little, helpless baby.  Many through the ages have speculated why Jesus chose to be born in a lowly manger when indeed, He could have been born in the finest palace built by man.  Some say it is because of the way inns were run in those days, you never knew who your roommates were going to be.  It was common for strangers to share rooms and even beds!  That was true even up to the 18th century.  Others say that a quiet little stable out of the way was the best place for privacy and peace.

But I think that it was because since God created Nature, that was the only place for Him to be born.  He wanted to be among His creation, not man’s creation.  Merry Christmas and may God bless you!

This picture “Away in the Manger”, shows the peace and quite that only a stable can provide.


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As We Prepare this Advent…

I know that the rest of the world is in shopping mode, preparing for Christmas. Now that Black Friday has become a whole week instead of one day, we now have “Green Monday”, which follows.  Not to mention the retailers who try to lure us away from our Thanksgiving dinner for even greater savings.  December 25th for them is a day off work with the added perks of gifts, a good meal and perhaps a football game.  The next day it is back to work and business as usual, waiting for the next holiday.  How empty and boring is that kind of life?

But they have missed the best part, the real point:  the King of kings, the Lord of lords:  Jesus!  Christmas is welcoming our Savior into our world.   He chose to become one of us, to decend from His cheribum throne to meet us at our lowly human level.  How can we comprehend this marvelous miracle?  Those people who are so intent on the parties and gifts are really missing the Spirit of Christmas, the excitement of His coming into the world.  They are trying to fill the void in their life.  It was a black and white world until Jesus came and gave it color.   Such a precious little Babe!

This is the Advent season, the season of hopeful waiting.  Enjoy the excitement of expectation.  Then fully and prayerfully enjoy the Christmas season;  the season of the fulfillment of God’s redeeming promise to the world.  If you try, you can feel the closeness of God to us during this blessed season.  And remember: Christmas lasts until the Wisemen come to adore the newborn King.

Be joyful!  Be hopeful!  Enjoy the spirit of Christmas.  Be blessed!

This picture is entitled “The Touch of God’s Hand”.  Can you imagine God touching you like this?  The Blessed Mother knew His touch.  God touches the earth with His mercy again this Christmas.