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St. Sofia’s name is from the Geek, which means “Wisdom”

Feast Day August 1st.

St. Sofia was a widow in Rome during the time of Hadrian’s persecution of Christians.  She had three young daughters:  Faith, Hope and Love.  In 137 AD, She was told to either give up her Christianity or her daughters would be killed.  Like the mother in the Maccabees, she knew it was better for them to suffer martyrdom in this world than to loose their faith.   They forced her to watch her precious daughters die.  Faith, (age 12), was scourged and was unharmed when boiling pitch was poured on her, she was finally beheaded; Hope,(age 10), and Love,(age 9), were also beheaded after emerging unscathed, from a furnace.  Sofia died three days later while praying at their graves.   In this picture, St. Sofia holds flowers that represent her daughters:  the Apple Blossom is for Hope, the white Rose is for Love and the Forget-Me-Nots are for Faith.  Her Feast Day is May 15.

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