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St. Rosalia of Palermo a Hope for Now

St. Rosalia of Palermo, La Santuzza
St. Rosalia of Palermo, La Santuzza, invoked in times of plague Covid 19

St. Rosalia of Palermo, known as the Little Saint, is invoked in times of pandemics. She was unknown until she came to the aid of Palermo, Italy during the Bubonic Plague, or the Black Death in the 1300’s. It is amazing how God has the right people for times in need. We are so blessed to have a little spiritual friend ready to intercede for us at the throne of God for our protection. St. Rosalia is known as a fierce protector in times of pandemics. And this Covid 19 is an evil plague. St. Rosalia pray for us!

Here is a poem about her from Italian folklore:

Rosalia, Rosalia
sat in the middle of the sea
the Archangel Gabriel
slept on the ground.

– Get up, get up, Gabriel
a storm of water is arriving
and a storm of wind.

– Storm, where are you going?

– I’m going to uproot trees
and vines.

– Do not go to uproot trees
or vines.
Begone to a dark wood
where there isn’t living
the sun, the moon, or any creature.
Where no bells are sounding
nor roosters singing.

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