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Bl. Karl I or Charles I was the last Emperor of Austria, last King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. He became heir to the throne when his uncle Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo on July 28, 1914.

Karl had a winning personality. As a young child, he was very religious.  He had a devotion the the Sacred Heart and the Eucharist.  He would give away his clothes to less the fortunate.  He was a good student, marksman and solder.  He fought with his soldiers in the trenches.  He was the only world leader who refused to use mustard gas and tried to end World War I peacefully.

He was deposed by the traitor, Miklos Horthy, who was to serve as regent until Karl could safely return.  However, the  greedy, power hungry Horthy took over the throne for himself.  Karl , Zita and their family were exiled to  a drafty house in Madeira, Portugal as a result.  Karl developed a cold that turned into pneumonia while going to the local town for a birthday gift for one of his children. He died in exile in Monte Funchal, Portugal on April 1, 1922.   The Emperor received the Sacrament of the Sick and spoke his last words: “Thy Holy Will be done. Jesus, Jesus, come! Yes—yes. My Jesus, Thy will be done—Jesus.”

When his body was exhumed in 1972, it was found to be incorrupt.

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