Our Lady of Guadalupe Rubber Stamp


This rubber stamp measures 4″ x 2 1/8″.  It is also available as a note card, book mark,  prayer card , keepsake box and print.


The miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe first appeared on the tilma of St. Juan Diego in 1531 and almost over night that incidence stopped the blood sacrifices of the native Indians.  The original image stays always at a temperature of 98.6 °, no matter what the surrounding environment temperature.  The image also repels dust and insects.  When a Japanese optician in the 1970’s examined the image’s eyes, he fainted.   After he had recovered, he said that the eyes were alive and looking at him.  There are even little veins on the eyelids.  In the eyes there are three images reflected, just like any normal eye.  Two of the images are thought to be of St. Juan Diego and his bishop, Zumárraga.

The original image has even withstood a bomb which was hidden in a vase of flowers on the altar.  The bomb blast mangled the crucifix above the altar, but didn’t even crack the glass on the image.

The stars on Our Lady’s mantel show the winter solstice and the exact formations of the stars at the very time she appeared to St. Juan Diego.  But the stars are seen looking down from Heaven, not as we see them as we look up.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rubber Stamp card
Our Lady of Guadalupe Rubber Stamp card by customer Rachel Thomson

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