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St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, who called herself “The Praise of Glory of the Holy Trinity”,  was a French Carmelite nun, though slightly younger, a contemporary of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.  She was a member of the Dijion Carmelite Convent.  She was a mystic and  spiritual writer.  She especially loved the writings of St. Paul.  She was canonized in 2016. Her Feast Day is November 8.

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St. Elizabeth’s definition of a Carmelite:

A Carmelite is a soul who

has gazed on the Crucified,

who has seen Him

offering Himself to

His Father as a

Victim for souls and,

recollecting herself in

this great vision of the charity of Christ,

has understood the

passionate love of

His soul, and has

wanted to giver herself

as He did!

And on the mountain

of Carmel, in silence,

in solitude, in prayer that

never ends, for it continues

through everything,

the Carmelite already

lives as if in Heaven:

“by God alone.”

She is identified with

Him whom she loves,

she finds Him everywhere;

she sees Him shining

through all things!

Is this not Heaven on Earth!

Don’t ever leave Him,

do everything

beneath His divine gaze,

and remain wholly

joyful in His peace

and love, making those

around you happy!

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