St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Prayer Card


St. Elizabeth’s Prayer to the Holy Trinity

O my God, Trinity whom I adore,
Help me to forget myself entirely that
I may be established in You as still
and as peaceful as if my soul were
already in Eternity. May nothing
trouble my peace or make me leave You,
O my Unchanging One,
but may each minute carry me further
into the depths of Your Mystery.
Give peace to my soul:
make it Your Heaven,
Your beloved dwelling and
Your resting place.
May I never leave You there
alone but be wholly present,
my faith wholly vigilant, wholly adoring,
and wholly surrendered to
Your creative Action.


St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, who called herself “The Praise of Glory of the Holy Trinity”,  was a French Carmelite nun, though slightly younger, a contemporary of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.  She was a member of the Dijion Carmelite Convent.  She was a mystic and  spiritual writer.  She especially loved the writings of St. Paul.  She was canonized in 2016.  Her Feast Day is November 8.

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