Alexander: Male Angel Note Cards


This angel is named Alexander.  It is from the Greek meaning, “Man’s defender.”

Alexander of Rome (died 289) is a Christian martyr. The date of his birth is unknown. He died in 289 AD and his mother, Pimenia, who witnessed his martyrdom, had him buried near the river Ergina.  Alexander was a Roman soldier and he was serving in the regiment of the tribune Tiberian at Rome. During this period, the Roman emperor Maximian Hercules  issued an edict by which all citizens were required to go to the temple of Jupiter to offer sacrifice. Alexander refused to follow this order because of his strong Christian faith. As a result of that, Maximian sent Alexander to Thrace, but Alexander died on the way to this Roman province in 289 AD.

Alexander’s Feast Day is May 13 in the Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Church.  In the Eastern Orthodox Church, his feast is celebrated on May 26.


Note cards are blank inside for your special message.


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